Location Selection Model for Small Wholesale Shops in Samutprakarn Province, Thailand

Vuttapong Larpcharoen, Kongkoon Tochaiwat, Kullanan Siripipatkajon, Varalee Thumvisuttivarakorn


The objectives of this research were to study the factors affecting the importance of location selection criteria and present a model for the location selection of a small wholesale store in Samutprakarn province. The research applied the Modified Analytic Hierarchy Process methodology: screening the criteria of location selection from the literature review by interviewing five small wholesale business owners and using a set of questionnaires to collect data from 60 small wholesale merchants, followed by an analysis. The research found that the location zone is the most important factor influencing the location selection criteria. For the stores located in the industrial area, the priority is given to the parking space and the width of the road, while those located in the residential area place the first priority on the proximity or being located along the main and secondary roads. However, the importance level of the location selection criteria ranked in the second and third positions was similar for industrial and residential locations, namely proximity to fresh markets and proximity to distribution centers, respectively. The location selection model will help the small wholesale business owners in Samutprakarn province and similar areas consider the potential location for their business establishments. Furthermore, the commercial building owners can also use this model to assess the rental potential of their commercial buildings. Academia can also use the acquired factors and models for further studies.


Keywords: Modified Analytic Hierarchy Process, location selection criteria, small wholesale shops, location selection model.



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